Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The War Wages On!

This was published on September 25, 2006

Folks we are at War. Every day is a battle. The enemy is strong and grows stronger each day. This is a war, that in the end we will not lose, victory will be ours, however, the key is not becoming a casualty of this war.
Every day I wake up and go to battle. I go and fight not only for myself but for so many others. I feel very unworthy to fight in this war. Some days I feel strong, as if though I've dealt swift blows to the enemy. Other days I feel weak and wounded, frustrated and scared to go on. Some days I wonder if it is at all worth it. I refuse to give up fighting to protect myself, but I wonder if fighting to protect others when they refuse to protect themselves is worth it?
A student moves out on her own and almost gets kicked out of school. A student pees on three girls in the middle of the bleachers in the student section. Numerous students suspended for being drunk at school functions. Students who are pregnant. Students who don't go to mass on Sundays or go to confession. Students who drink excessively every weekend, forgetting how to do anything else to entertain themselves. Students in sexually active relationships. Students who smoke pot in the school parking lot and get suspended. Students who rape other students. Students who partake in the use of hard drugs. Students becoming casualties of this war and not even realizing it.
Do you not listen to anything we say? What is the point of giving you a Catholic education? Your souls are in danger! Don't you understand I love you, your parents love you, your other teachers love you and we want you in Heaven with us. Do you not realize that you are jeopardizing your chance at salvation? This is not a joke, this is a serious issue!
I know I have been wounded in battle many times. I know that my soul is in danger sometimes too. I am not perfect. But it is so frustrating to be a soldier in a war where the others aren't fighing at all.
Christ will have the victory. His army will prevail. I pray for the grace to always remember this and hope in this. I hope I do not become a casualty of the enemy. To my fellow soldiers, I will always keep fighting for you, but I beg you to grab your weapons and join in the fighting because I don't know how much longer I can hold the enemy off for you!

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