Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Fruits of Labor

This was published on December 3, 2006

This week I have been truly amazed at all the amazing gifts God has given me in my life. I really feel like God is allowing me to see some of the fruits of my labor as a teacher.
While I love teaching and have in a sense always loved it this year has seemed a little bit more challenging. There have been several moments of me wondering why I do what I do. Honestly there are some days I wonder what the point of sharing the Gospel with others is. Teens especially can be so stubborn when it comes to it. So many of them come to class and put on a happy face. They pretened to care about their faith but then walk out the door and act like they only need to be Catholic in School and at mass. However this past week I've really been blessed to see how there are several kids I have had an impact on.
For example last week on Friday I had the pleasure of hanging out with the guys I'm sponsoring for confirmation. We went to adoration, lunch at Chili's and then went bowling. I am so amazed at how amazing this guys are. And I am so honored to be their sponsor. I truly look at these guys and think of them as little brothers.
Along with these five there are the other sophomore boys in their class that are honestly some amazingly genuine faith filled kids. Most of them are involved in Knights. I honestly love all of these guys. They bring so much joy to my life and really give me a reason to continue doing what I do. I look forward to every day because of these guys even though I don't have them in class. This group of boys shows me that it is possible to be a teenager in today's society and refrain from falling into so many temptations. And the beautiful part about it is that they still enjoy life while they do it. They are so full of life and joy and I know they get it. Somehow they get what life is all about. I praise God for these boys and I am thankful that he has used me to be part of the influence in their lives that keeps them on the straight and narrow.
Then of course there is a few of the Senior Guys. I worry about these guys a lot. They probably struggle more than anyone else. However the beautiful thing about it is that they always get up. I love seeing God's mercy work through these guys. It seems to be a constant struggle because the devil knows the kind of damage they can do if they would just be on board 100%. But I have seen some amazing growth in a couple of the Senior guys this year. I know that even if they screw up along the way I have an amazing peace in my heart that they will grow to be amazing men of God.
I really feel that God is using me to make a difference in this community. I know he will continue to do so while I am here. There is going to be discouraging moments. I'm going to be very frustrated along the way. But I know I will also experience moments like the ones I have this week. Moments that give me a small glimpse of the joys that will come in eternity when God willing I will experience heavenly glory with every single soul that has set foot in my class room and the halls of Bishop Carroll!

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