Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Governor Femi-Natzi or Governor Dumb Ass?

This was published on August 3, 2006

Ok so here goes time for Jose to get on his soap box again. The Governor's race in Kansas is coming up. I'm so tiered of the candidates we as a public have to chose from. Can we freaking get a level headed, smart and uncorrupt person to chose from? Seriously the choices we have are ridiculous.
Kansas happens to be one of the most conservaive states in the nation yet we have one of the most liberal govenors in the country. Seriously Kathleen feminatzi Sebelius has got to go! I'm so done with her pro-abortion, anti life agenda.
But our Republican options are not much better. These guys behave like children. They constantly kept mudslinging during the entire primary.
It boils down to chosing between a lesser of two evils, but damn it why does it have to be that way? If I vote republican it is in hopes of furthering the pro-life cause. Sure you can argue that even pro-lifers in office aren't doing much for the cause, but hey they are at least doing a little bit and not furthering the pro-choice cause. But on the other hand I'm also screwing the poor and small buisness by doing that. If I vote democrat I support the pro-death cause which I a have serious issues with. I also don't necissarily agree with all the other issues such as some of their economic policies and their stance on gay marriage.
Then you have crap like Al Gore making a movie about saving the damn trees while at the same time he's pro killing babies. I just don't get it. When did the environment become more precious than human life?!
I would probably lean more towards the republican conservative side but at the same time neither party is looking good these days. Maybe if we got a moral pro-life democrat in there I might consider voting in that direction.
Folks we need to pray for our country. We need to pray for our leaders, we need to pray for the public that they make a wise choice, because lets face it there are A LOT of dumb ass voters out there, and lastly we need to get off our butts and vote and be involved in the political process!

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