Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Grass is always Greener

This post was published on July 16, 2006.

So yesterday afternoon I was on the phone with Bernie. He asked me if I was back in Wichita and I as usual replied with a pathetic yes. He then proceeded to say "maybe you should just embrace the fact that you are there and stop dogging on it." "There must be something to it if you've been there for four years!"
This really kind of took me aback. Every year I have lived here I have thought about leaving. So much so that my friend Kathy made me promise that I wasn't allowed to talk about leaving Wichita again until Febuary but had to cool it for now. But when Bernie said that yesterday it has really made me think.
You know I really have an amazing life here. God has blessed me in so many ways I would never have imagined. Last night my friend Jim and I had a joint birthday celebration at Abuelo's Mexican restaurant. Over 20 people showed up. It was pretty awesome to recieve that much love from our friends. It took me a while to get them but after praying and praying for a community my first two years here God has delivered in a pretty impressive way. Over the last two years I have really developed some awesome relationships. I finally have people I can go to with anything around here.
The Knights of the Holy Queen group here in Wichita has also been an amazing thing here. I love it. I have this amazing group of little brothers that God has given me the ability to minister to. They are such a blast.
My job here is also incredible. I teach at an incredibly orthodox catholic school with an amazing chaplain and an equally incredible theology department. I've really earned the respect of my students and love being around them. They help keep me a live. Sure they also cause me major headaches but over all I honestly think I teach some of the most amazing kids in this country.
So yeah it's tough some times. I have my days when I want to get out of here and start a new life some place else, but who doesn't have days like that. It's time to just sit and be for a while. God may want me to move eventually, but for now he want's me here and so here I will be. I'm done worrying about what will be, God will take care of that, for now I chose to live in the moment. So Bernie my new answer is this: "I am back in Wichita and it's good to be HOME".

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