Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Rant 2

This was published on February 10, 2007

So I have been in a reflective mood lately so I have lots of little things to mention. This one won't be as bitter or angry as the last random rant several months ago, but none the less still pretty random.
Random 1: I have been incredibly stressed this past week. Lots of papers to grade, lots of running around. Three weekends in a row of being busy finally caught up to me. I don't think I have felt as exhausted I was last night in a long time. Its been a good week, but a long week. I'm glad I'm finally getting some time to relax.
Random 2: My prayer time is slacking. Mainly because I've been so busy, but that is no excuse. Why is it that when we get busy and stressed the first thing we sacrifice is our prayer time? Shouldn't that be the last thing we give up in those stressful moments.
Random 3: I've been teaching and lecturing on the importance of strong family relationships, strong friendships, and how to date well in my Catholic Social Doctrine Classes. I may talk to my students about all this but It can definetally apply to me. It urkes me how poorly we have learned to build strong relationships. Human relationships are the escence of what makes us who we are. People don't date well, then they don't marry well, then they don't parent well. This drives me crazy. Why can't we take big decisions like marriage more seriously in our society? Why can't parents worry more about parenting their kids than being friends with them. Why are we so afraid of what people might think of us that we hide the real us and lessen the chances of ever forming truly lasting and real friendships? This stuff frustrates me so much. I wish people could just cut the crap and live their lives how they were meant to live them. One man and One woman is marriage, that's it, no excpetions! Get to know a person well and take the marriage covenant seriously! Parent your children; in other words, GROW A PAIR AND LEARN TO SAY NO! Letting kids come over and get trashed at your house and then not letting them drive home is NOT RESPONSIBLE PARENTING!!!! Who cares what the "in-crowd" does. The in-crowd is not your real friends and in the long run their lives will end up in a very shallow place. Real friends challenge you to grow, they don't challenge you to change your morals and standards.
Random 4: I had a small freakout yesterday. I realized how real this whole Denver thing is. I sent in my deposit and my possition at Bishop Carroll is officially open. They are accepting applications and resumes and will probably begin interviews for it in the near future. It wasn't necessarily a bad freakout, it was just an awakening. It was a feeling of, "Wow, I'm really leaving, I've never been so excited and so terrified, all at the same time." It's bizzare, but no matter how scary it may seem at times I've never even thought once about changing my mind on this. I have an incredible peace about it. I know God has my back on this one and somehow everything is going to work itself out. But please continue to pray that I find a job and place to live.
Random 5: I love teaching! My kids at Carroll rock. Enough said.
Random 6: I love the Knights of the Holy Queen. These boys give me so much joy. The brotherhood we have is amazing. Some of these boys never cease to amaze me. Most of them are light years ahead of where I was in High School.
Random 7: Praise God for my friends. Thank you all for challenging me to grow and bringing me to where I am today. Please continue to challenge me. Never be afraid to call me on. Pray for me and as always I will continue praying for all of you.
Well that's enough randomness for one blog. Hope all of you have a blessed week!

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