Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Frontier Fiasco

This was published on September 26, 2006

Well folks we are finally into the school year. It is no longer the beginning of the year. We are definetally into it now. The key sign of that is Home coming week is here. This was one of my favorite weeks of the year during High School. I always enjoyed the dress up days and the Pep Rallies and off Course Powder Puff. Going to the home coming game in high school was purely for socializing. We didn't really cheer for our team. We always lost. The dance was always a good time. I had some good dates and some not so good dates.
Being a High School teacher during this time is definetally strange as I get some interesting flashbacks. It is also different to experience it teaching at a Catholic School as opposed to going to a Public School. The kids go all out here. In High School not many of us dressed up because we didn't have to wear uniforms so it wasn't a big deal to get to dress up. Here almost all of them dress up. Any chance they get to get out of uniform they take. Today was Animated Character day. I definetally enjoy dressing up with them as well. I was Harry Potter Today. Thursday is Decade day. I will be going as a Hippie. Lastly Friday is Bishop Carroll Pride Day. As usual I will be sporting my Bishop Carroll Football shirt and jeans.
Tommorrow is all school mass day. This is definetally something that was not a part of my high school experience. It is such a blessing to teach at a place that is striving to teach kids to put Jesus Christ at the center. I love that mass is a part of every celebration we have here at Carroll be it a spiritually focused one like Christmas or not.
The kids also decorate Trophy Cases here based on the theme. The theme this year is Frontier Fiasco. We used to deocrate court yards and build floats. This is definetallt where my old High School wins points. Floats and Court yards are much cooler than trophy cases. As Junior class sponsor I get to be very involved in all this stuff so the week definetally gets long.
Thursday night brings the annual bonfire and Powderpuff game. This year unfortunately, due to some inappropriate behavior on the part of the Juniors and Seniors the annual game has been canceled. We used to not only have the girls play each other in football, but a whole bunch of other games and relay races. Not to mention the guys would dress as cheerleaders.
The Pep rally will be on Friday at the end of the day. This is a big difference from my high school days. The kids actually get into it and cheer. We never really did much. I will be preforming in a lip sync with some other teachers at the Pep rally. We will be preforming New Kids on the Block's Hanging Tough. It should be a good laugh. I've also unfortunately been entered into a Kiss the Pig Contest by the students. 5 of us teachers have been nominated. We have jars with our pictures on them in the library all week. The person who collects the most money has to kiss a pig on the lips at the pep rally. The person with the second most money has to kiss the pig on the head. I haven't had a date in months so I'm hoping I win, lol hahaha.
Friday night as always brings the football game. This year Carroll plays West. It should be a fairly easy win. There is nothing like a Friday night Carroll game. The crowds are out in full force. The Cheering is exhilirating. And we actually win. This is a huge change from my high school days. Guilford was not exactly top notch when it came to football.
Saturday night will be the dance with the theme of Frontier Fiasco. I will not be there as I already am in charge of prom and that enough for me. I only pray our kids behave themselves and are smart enough to not pull anything stupid.
All in all I still enjoy homecoming week as a teacher. The only challange is keeping kids focued in the midst of all the craziness.
Well it should shape up to be a pretty good week. Look for updated pictures on my page of this weeks events in the days to come. I'll be sure to get a picture of me with the pig if I win. Blessed week to all!

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