Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Return of Peace

This was published on February 14, 2008

Well Life finally seems back to normal. It had been a rough few months. But it finally seems that peace has returned into my life. I honestly can say that I am overjoyed with life and the possibilites that are on the horizon.
First of all, probably the major reason life has becomes more peaceful is prayer. I am finally in a good and steady routine of prayer. Funny how that works huh? Every time I get in a good groove of prayer I wonder why I ever fell out of the groove. How dumb can we be sometimes, really I marvel at my own stupidity and laziness sometimes. But daily mass has become a part of my routine again, I've started saying a rosary daily and am back into praying the liturgy of the hours again as well as finally making sure I do a holy hour once a week. I can already begin to see the fruits of all of this.
Totus Tuus is starting to get incredibly busy but I am so excited as the summer gets closer. I am so excited to help with interviewing, hiring, training, and then getting to visit the parishes and observe the teams over the summer. This is going to be amazing experience. I am still in awe of how good and Faithful God is. When I got here in August I had no job and now I'm working for Totus Tuus which is a program I taught for here almost 7 years ago. It is a program I truly love, believe in and want to see succeed.
My attitude toward my job at Sts. Peter and Paul has changed dramatically. I've realized that the job did not stink because it actually stunk but because my own attitude toward it was not good. This job was gift from God too and the difficulties that come with it are difficulties God has given me to help me grow as a person and help bring about change in my own heart. I have come up with a new long term plan. I am revamping confirmation next year and am pretty excited about the program. I'm starting to slowly fall in love with my 7th graders. They will still never come close to how I feel about High School students, but my experience with them is important. I'm going to start doing things to reach out to the 8th graders as well. Finally I'm going to start taking my High Schoolers and truly developping them into leaders. I'm going to do a lot of leadership training with them this summer and get them into a position where they can help me minister to the 7th graders on the confirmation retreats. My fire for youth ministry has returned. I don't know where it went or how it came back, but the Holy Spirit is AWESOME!
Life at the Augustine Institute is also incredible. My classes are just as interesting as last semester but less stressful. I can't tell if that is because they are seriously less work or if it is because I'm just getting used to being a student again. None the less I am greatful to have the opportunity to be in such an amazing program. Last Monday we had a big open house. A lot of potential donors, students, religious, priests, and the Archbishop were all in attendance. They showed our new promotional video and the Archbishop gave a talk. My Leadership class helped with a lot of the logistics to put it on. That night I really came to realize again why I came to school here. Words can't express how amazing it is to be a part of this school. It truly is a special place and I have to remember no matter how tough things get, God wants me here!
I've also started my internship for graduate school working in the office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the diocese. It is awesome to see what goes into all the planning for big events and get to work under such talented people. They have also nominated to be an on site facilitator for the Steubenville Youth Conference LEAD program which is talking the place of Young Apostles. God just seems to be opening so many doors and opportunities. I don't know what is going to happen over the next year and a half but I'm excited to find out.
In other news I'll be going back to Wichita for Easter and look forward to seeing everyone there again.
The calm and the peace have returned. Who knows how long it will last. I know tough times still lay ahead but at least there will always be the consolation that I am doing God's will and just because it is His will doesn't make it easy. I feel re-awakened in my spiritual life and am loving this season of Lent. I pray this be a time for growth and true preparation for Easter for all of us!

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