Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let There Be Peace!

This was published on March 18, 2007

So I finally get to blog. It has been way too long. A lot has happened since the last time I posted. I must say though that despite the constant buisiness life has been pretty dang good. It was a tough fall for me interiorly but I can definetally tell that with the weather so has my soul reached a Spring Time. So many possibilities await. So much excitement. A lot of sadness too. But even a midst that sadness there is joy.
We are well into Lent. I feel like Lent has been very fruitful. I've chosen to do a lot of little thing well rather than a ton of big things poorly. I must say that I have for the most part have kept up with everything and I am definetally feeling the graces from it. It has been tough as Lent should be but not so overwhelming that I want to give up.
I continue to prepare for the big move. Spring Break has arrived. When I go back in a week we begin the 4th Quarter. The final quarter of school and my life at Bishop Carroll. It is very strange that it is all about to end, but honestly there is still so much peace there about this decision. I'm getting a little nervous about finding a job, a place to live, and all the actual logistics of the moving, but every time I pray I keep getting a sense that it will all be ok I just need to trust. This can be hard but I know deep down it will all work out.
Confirmation is fast approaching for my boys. I am so excited for them to recieve this sacrament. I am so honored to be their sponsor. I've seen so much growth in these guys since I first met them that it amazes me. I am so glad that they are choosing to live their faith to the best of their ability. I continue to pray for them daily.
Life has been filled with so much grading, working, volunteering, and social activity lately it's hard to see where the time has gone. But I honestly feel so blessed with all the people around me. With all the gifts God is giving me. I couldn't ask for more.
There have of course been little frustrations and difficulties. but it wouldn't be a life well lived without struggles. I still love my job but to be honest with you it has become increasingly difficult in the last couple weeks to do it, especially knowing I'm leaving. I don't know why but teaching the Freshmen this year has become a true chore, a cross to bear if you will. I have a blast with my juniors but the temptation to not teach and just hang out becomes greater as the year wears on. So I definetally need God's grace to continue. I need strength and courage to keep teaching well and not give into those temptations.
Last week my driver side window on my car stopped working. It was stuck open. It cost $300 I don't have to fix. I had quite the fit. But hey, somehow God will take care of this too.
Well I'm off to enjoy my break for the week. Hopefully I will get a chance to post again this week.

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