Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Summer Time!

This was published on August 5, 2006

So the summer is almost over. I only have two full days left. I go back to work on Tuesday. I'm excited though. It should be a good year. I'm really pumped for some Carroll Football and a little fantasy league action with the teachers.
It's been a good summer overall. I really enjoyed my trip to New Orleans and going home to see my fam. Seeing Wicked was pretty much amazing! I also have to say Colorado with my kiddies was a high light.
I am really blessed. Good times and good friends. I went to the Vagabond last night with Bonny, Marianna, and Joe and others filtered in and out throughout the night. It was a good time and a good way to spend the last official Friday night of the summer.
Tomorrow I'm cooking a Peruvian meal for Pecks and the Rohleders, hope they like it. It's one of my favorite meals.
I am excited to go back though. I guess its a plus to know this is what I'm supposed to be doing. When the summer first started I was scared because for the first year since I've been here I was not looking forward to another school year, but now I am. I know its work and I know it is not always going to be fun but shouldn't people love their jobs? Seriously it is what you do for a living, it should not only pay the bills but make you happy. I know sometimes there are circumstances and you are put in a position where you work only to support your family and the job stinks. I commend people who are in that position. But I guess I sit here and look at all these teachers who are dreading to go back to school and I think to myself why? I love waking up every morning and going to work. It is such a blessing and a joy to be able to share the gospel with my students. To be Jesus Christ to them and love them in their good times and bad. I guess I just get frustrated when teachers of all people just teach for something to do. As teachers we are entrusted with a huge responsibility of shaping young minds and souls. We need to take it seriously and we need to be excited about it.
Sure I don't always get to see the fruits of my labor but I know I will someday. Thank you Jesus for my job!

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