Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Adventures in Miami Part 1

This was published on December 26, 2006

It is currently the second day in the octave of Christmas. I've been in Miami since late Thursday evening on the 21st. So far this vacation has been good in many ways and very frustrating in others.
Friday was an enjoyable day of shopping, a good lunch, and a kick butt party. My cousins' friend had a tacky Christmas sweater party. I wore a very taky blue zip up woman's sweater vest full of snowmen and little sparkles. I of course added blinking battery powered lights to the outfit. I must say I looked awesomely tacky and gay. My brother and two cousins were very nicely decked out too.
Saturday was a nice day of relaxation. I lounged around and then went to mass with my sister in the evening. Then we went to dinner at my very wealthy great-uncle's lower penthouse apartment. The apartment was awesome, and the meal incredible. Unfortunately the conversation was frustrating. It got into everything you should not discuss- Religion and Politics. I realized more than ever before in that conversation that my family and our world needs major prayers. The amount of bullshit that they have bought into is beyond me. Their thinking is so flawed that to be able to get them to even be able to remotely understand where I'm coming from and why I believe what I do I would need a good two-three hours to explain basic ideas before I would even be able to really get into the issues they were asking about. Here is a small sampling of some of the comments that came out of their mouth:
"It is impossible to expect people to not have pre-marital sex."
"Who are we decide when life begins."
"What is so wrong about condoms."
"I don't understand why the Church doesn't accept gays, there are gay animals in the wild."
"The Church has no right to tell us what is right and wrong. It seems like the church is all about rules and regulations."
"The Church judges and condems women who have abortions."
"I don't understand what is so wrong with condoms and contraception. Some people simply should not have children."
And that is just a small sampling. It was me versus about 12 people. Not a fun conversation. So please pray for my family and our world.
Sunday was good for the most part but very frustrating when it came to Christmas eve mass. I have never in my life been to a mass where people where so disrespectful. We arrived at the Church about an hour before mass to get a seat. I was not able to focus and pray at all. There was constant chatter from the moment we walked in until we walked out. I felt like I was in a social hall and not a church. The chatter continued into mass, during the homily, and during communion. I don't understand how the priest allows it. To top it off my brother who no longer goes to mass, but was asked by my mom to come with us because it was Christmas, sat next to me working on a crossword puzzle. I told him to put it away. He was pissed but listened. I was livid. This was the hardest part about Christmas because since my family doesn't exactly celebrate Christmas the way I would like, the time I have in Church to pray before mass and during mass is my time to really escape and have a few moments of peace and silence. This did not happen this year so it made it difficult.
The celebration following mass was nice. It was nice to be with my mom's side of the family enjoying eachother's company and some excellent food. Santa as well did not dissapoint. I got an Ipod which I love. My mom also made me an amazing scrap book of my life since I was born until I graduated college. It definetally got me a little chocked up.
Yesterday, Christmas day, was another day to lounge around and relax. I got my ipod all set up and now I can enjoy my tunes. We also all went to see the Good Shepherd. My siblings and cousins didn't like it but my dad and I loved it. Great movie. I reccomend going to see it. A little slow and confusing at times but it certainly does not dissapoint.
My uncle and his wife Kari arrive today and we are getting ready for another big Christmas party here at my aunts. There will be over 40 people here. Should be a good time.
Well I hope all of you are enjoying Christmas. Remember it is only day 2 of 8 so party hardy and spend some time thanking our Lord for all the blessings he's given us.

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