Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanks for the Memories

This was published on May 27, 2007

Well it has been ages since I have blogged. I figure it is about time. The last few months of my life have been insane. I've loved every minute of it, but I have been insanely busy. Here is a quick re-cap since January.
January- 2nd Semster began, started the biggest loser competition, decided to move to Denver and went on the March for life trip, and had Knights retreat. All things were incredibly successful.
February- Served on Sojourn, began job search in Denver, plugged along in the classroom, seems like I had something every weekend that kept be pretty busy.
March- I lost 36 lbs and came in second in the biggest loser competion, relaxed and enjoyed my Spring Break, started lifting weights, continued Denver Job search, had an amazing lent!
April- Easter came and it was amazing, was stressed with planning prom, began getting antsy for the school year to end! Also of course the highlight of my month was confirmation at SEAS and being a sponsor to Nick, Scott, and Josh. What a joy it was to see those boys confirmed and what an honor to be a part of it.
May- This month has been so surreal. It began with hitting 42lbs lost since january. Then I had the St. Francis Confirmation where I sponsored Stephen and Mike. Also a great blessing to be a part of that. I went to Iowa City to see my brother graduate college. Had a great time with my family. Was wiereded out when we went bar hopping with my parents and my brother's college friends. I've experienced every emotion possible over the last month. I was an emotional basket case on the day of farewell mass as I had to watch my seniors leave me and it hit me especially hard that I was not coming back to Carroll. I spent the whole day after farewell mass graduation party hoping and saying goodbye to my kids. Then of course there was graduation. I was more proud and excited then because I think I was all cried out at that point. The last week I had pretty much gotten over the sadness and because the Seniors were gone I was pretty much just annoyed to still be there. Friday came and as I packed up my class room all I could feel was greatfullness for having spent time there and relief that it was over. I leave for Denver tomorrow in hopes of finding a job and a place to live. At this point everything is in God's hands.
As I look back on the last few months I am flooded with so many good memories. It definetally was by far the best semester I have spent at Carroll. I have developped new friendships and relationships. I have gotten rid of so many relationships and people in my life that just made me unhappy. I have not been this happy in a long time. I feel more myself than I have ever been. I feel a sense of accomplishment with all the weight loss. I feel like a new person ready for a new journey ahead. The road that lies ahead will be very difficult. I am going to terribly miss this place I have called home for the last five years, but I know that God is guiding me. I know that I am doing his will. And though His will may not be easy, it always proves better than our own. So here's to what is left of my time in Wichita. I will cherish it, but I know I am ready to go on when the time comes.
Hopefully this won't be the last of my blogs. I will keep you all updated throughout the summer!

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