Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll!

This was published on May 9, 2008

My summer officially begins today. Talk about wierd. I am completely finished with my first year of graduate school. Man this year flew by fast. It has been a roller coaster and one I wouldn't want to re-live but one I wouldn't trade for anything. There have been some tough times but man there have been some good times over my last nine months in Denver. And there are still some pretty awesome things to come this summer. My friend Marianna said to me the other day on the phone, "You have a good life". And I sure do.
First of all I want to look back and thank God for the many blessings over these last several months. Here are some highlights:
1. Living in the Race Street House with some pretty awesome guys.
2. Having Dr. Reyes as a Professor and now my Thesis advisor. The Guy has pretty much changed my entire perspective on life, history, and the culture. My worldview is slowly changing thanks to this man.
3. My job as coordinator of Totus Tuus.
4. Going to Wichita and suprising everyone in October, that was pretty awesome to see the looks on everyone's faces when I walked into Carroll unannounced.
5. Getting the opportunity to teach at the Regan Institute.
6. Being near the mountains with the opportunity to have gotten to go skiing and going on several hikes in the fall.
7. Boctor's wedding in January. It was a great reunion with all my brothers.
8. Having Hugh move to town and getting to spend some good times at the Celtic.
9. The 80's party my roommates and I threw in October.
10. Having my brother come to visit and spending a weekend with him here in Denver.
So yeah it has been pretty good so far. Now I have an incredible summer ahead and I am so pumped for it. Here is a quick run down of what will be going on:
Next weekend I'm going to visit the Dohrer's in Utah and chilling at their Bed and Breakfast. I'm super excited to go and relax and spend time with them. It has been a long time.
The weekend after that we start Totus Tuus training at St. Malo. A week in the mountains should be pretty awesome. I'm also really pumped that three of my former students are teaching for me this summer: Blake Maly, Josh Mans, and Devin Burns. It is definetally one of those little moments when God allows you to see the fruits of your labor. It is pretty awesome to see how these guys have grown since I met them 5 years ago when they were High School Freshmen. It will be good to have them around this summer.
Then June 16-20 I will be working as a facilitator for the Franciscan LEAD program for the Steubenville of the Rockies site. It is their new version of Young Apostles. I'm so excited to get a chance to do this. The program seems pretty amazing. Please pray it goes well!
Then the last weekend of June when Totus Tuus is on break Brett is coming out here and myself, him, and Blake are going to hang out and go hiking for a few days, should be pretty awesome.
Then my long time friend Mary Garbe gets married July 19th in Rockford, so it will be off to home to get to celebrate with the old gang. Not to mention Dark Knight comes out that weekend so it should be a pretty good time!
Then July 31 after Totus Tuus has ended I will be invaded by nine of my little brothers. Josh Rohleder, Ben Meether, Scott Cooper, Nick Seiler, Drew Hoffman, Garett Burns, Clay Kimbro, Justin Parsons, and Kyle Long are all coming out for a visit. We got a cabin for three nights in Estes Park. Sleeps 10 people and has an 8 person Hot Tub. Got a sweet deal. Apparently this trip has been coined the Pilgrimage to Jose. We are going to spend three days hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park along with getting a little subtle spiritual activities in. They are going to get a little bit of a retreat with me. It should be pretty awesome. I'm really excited about them coming out here.
Then two days after the boys leave I head to Nashville August 6th for my best friend and sister, Melissa's wedding. This will probably be the high light of my summer. Melissa got enagaged over Christmas to a pretty amazing guy named Taylor. I never figured I'd like or approve of the guy she decided to Marry but this guy is awesome and actually good enough for my little sister! (By the way she is not actually my little sister we just have called eachother brother and sister for years). It will be good to be there with the family and the old gang once again.
Lastly my summer will finish off on August 17th at Red Rocks Amphitheater! I will be going to the Jack Johnson concert there that night. I pretty much can't wait!
So that is what's ahead. Please say prayer for me that all that goes well. I'm really excited for what God has in store and I'm sure it will be another summer of growth and trial. On top of all this I will be working on my Thesis so life will be keeping me busy for sure!

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