Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Best and Worst of 25

This was orgionally posted on Saturday, July 8, 2006- My 26th Birthday!

Well I officially turn 26 today. It's odd to think I've been driving for 10 years and am now closer to 30 than 20. Overall it has been a good year. Not the best thus far but still a good one. Here is a quick re-cap of my year some high points and low points.

Top 10 Worst Moments.
1. Several Deaths in the Bishop Carroll Community taking a tough toll on teachers and students.
2. Not being able to come up with the money for Grad. School.
3. Meeting an amazing girl that had way too many issues to date.
4. Having to break-up with someone because I realized I wasn't supposed to marry her.
5. My 7th period class 1st semester, really just one student in there that I could not get through to that ruined it for everyone.
6. My 5th period class 2nd semeser, once again same thing as 7th period 1st semester.
7. Nathan, one of my students, getting cancer.
8. The Senior Knights at school basically giving up on their faith.
9. Saying goodbye to the house we've all hung out in the last 2 years.
10. Spending my last night of being 25 watching the 2nd Pirates of the Carribean Seriously dissapointing movie!

Top 10 Best Moments
1. Celebrating my 25th Birthday in New Orleans with Guy, Ziifle, Enk, Elanore, Danielle, and the whole crew down there.
2. Steubenville of the Rockies trip with the St. Peter's Youth Group.
3. Puerto Vallarta trip with my family.
4. Going to and being in Grignon's wedding.
5. My job at Bishop Carroll, especially getting to teach the class of '07 for the second time. I love those kids!
6. Having Guy, Ziifle, Boctor, Hugh, Father Kevin, and Marissa in town for Amick's wedding.
7. March For Life Trip with Carroll. Great talks with Blake, T.J., and others.
8. Being Best man and celebrating at Andrew and Kristi's wedding.
9. Trip to New Orleans for Ziifle's wedding.
10. Knights retreats.

Ok so I could actually list about 10 more great moments. Honestly I had a tough time thinking of the 10 worst. So all in all it's been a good year. I'm interested to see what God has in store for good old year number 26 of my life. I must say its starting off well. I woke up this morning at 10:30 and we are going to go into Down Town Chicago in a little while for dinner and to see Wicked! Good times with the fam. Let's just hope we don't talk religion or politics tonight. Well here's hoping to a good 26 full of suprises and many blessings from above!

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