Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Adventures in Miami Part 2

This was published on January 1, 2007

Happy New Year! Well 2006 has come and gone. So has my time in Miami. I will be getting on a plane in a few hours to head back to Wichita. For the most part this has been a very good vacation. I have greatly enjoyed my time with my family. I am ready to go back though. I miss being around people that think like me, and I miss being able to go to daily mass and adoration.
Well the party on Tueaday the 26th was a blast. The food was awesome and I had a great time drinking and talking to people.
Wednesday we went and ate cuban food as a farewell lunch for my dad. My dad left shortly after lunch. He had to go back to Illinois and start work again. We spent a large portion of the afternoon lounging around and napping. In the evening, we went to see another movie. This time we went and saw the Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith. It was a little slow, but it was pretty good. A little depressing as well, but good.
Thursday was a day of early rising and lots of shopping. We shopped for a very long time, longer than any man should ever spend in stores. That's what happens when you have no car and are forced to go shopping with 4 women. After a long day of shopping we came back to my aunt's house for some fantastic Chinese food and a rousing family game of Trivial pursuit. My mom was on my team. Unfortunately she had drank a little too much so she was helping every other team but our own.
Friday the day was spent lounging again and then another party at my cousin's girlfiend's parent's house. Lot's of excellent Spanish food and good times with my cousins.
Saturday was probably the best day I had this whole trip. My aunt's boss has a nice little yacht and she invited all of us to go on it. It was a gorgeous day. We took a little trip on the ocean to the yacht club. There we had lunch and swam in the pool. Then we got back on the boat and continued to take a little tour of Miami from the Ocean. It was so awesome. The sun was shining, there was a nice sea breeze going. What I would give to be back on that boat. Such a beautiful day! I remember just looking around and thanking God so much that day for such an amazing feeling and for such beauty in His creation.
After the boat ride we arrived back at my aunts and I quickly discovered my phone was going crazy. It completely stopped working. No explination at all. Luckily T-Mobile will be sending me a new phone free of charge. But until then I have no phone. Whatever wil I do? Well I guess it is a good lesson in detachment.
Saturday night we said goodbye to my cousin Juan as he headed back to Peru because he had to work. We then went cosmic bowling. I bowled pretty well I must say. 126 the first round. Not bad at all.
Sunday, yesterday, we went to mass. We then lounged for a while. Then we went to my cousin's girlfriend's house for a while and played some pool and hung out. We then returned to my aunt's house to begin the New Years festivities. We played crazy Kingdom and Taboo, and drank some exceptionally good beer. Once again ate some amazing food. At midnight my cousin Francesco got up on the roof and jumped into the pool. My brother followed shortly after.
All in all 2006 was a good year. It definetally ended well. My goal for 2007 is to be enrolled in a graduate school program by August. I also am going to join the biggest loser at school. Good lord I ate a lot over this break. Probably gained like 15lbs. Oh well just hit the gym extra hard over the next few weeks.
I look forward to see what God has in store for me this next year. So many amazing possibilities. It scares me a little, but it also makes me very excited! Well Happy New Year Everyone! Hope God Blesses you abundantly this year.

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