Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This was published on August 10, 2006

Well my summer officially ended on Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday were registration days. Talk about boring for the most part, standing there handing out books. However, it was really good to see all the kids. I got my schedule and my roster and I'm very pumped about the kids I'm going to be teaching this year. Granted I didn't get some kids I really wanted, however God has a plan and there is a reason they didn't end up in my class.
Today, the first half while horribly dull and overly drawn out from an info standpoint was also quite fun as I sat in the back goofing off with Tony and Chuck. The afternoon session was actually very good. We met in our departments and we had not only a fruitful discussion but then we went to adoration as a department. Seriously how amazing is that? I love teaching in a school where Christ is at the center. Father Jarrod is seriously one of the best things to happen to Bishop Carroll. Here is a man that knows we have work to do but wants us to spend time praying and cultivating our own faith before we begin on the actual "work" we have to do. Cultivating our faith life is an essential part of who we are as teachers. This was the main message if his homily today at mass and then he puts it into practice with us. I honestly find it amazing.
I really could do without inservices, however adoration today was I think the most productive thing I have done at an inservice in all my 4 years at Bishop Carroll.
So two more days of inservice a day off and then it is time to begin teaching. It really is exciting. What a blessing to get to share the truth with these kids. My goal for this year is to simply love. I pray that I can have the grace to love every kid that walks through my door with the love of Jesus Christ. To be a true witness of His love and to hopefully plant some seeds that will someday bear fruit.
Once again Lord thank you for my job, but also thank you for every person that you allow me to have an affect on. Give the strength to constantly seek you in the Eucharist and to draw my strenght from that!

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