Friday, November 9, 2012

The Year of Faith

Pope Benedict XVI has declared this the year of Faith.  I can't think of a more inspired and wonderful proclomation.  Even though I'm about a month behind in response to that and the posts I made earlier this week I have decided I'm going to dedicate the remainder of this year of Faith (now until October 2013) to focus my blog on explaining the reasons for belief in the one true faith and reflect on what the nature of Faith truly is.  The first official post of this will be coming next week!  Please be on the lookout, read, and share.  I will encourage comments from people of all faiths and backgrounds with these I just ask that it be kept a respectful DIALOGUE!  Let's get some good healthy discussion going this year (this means all hateful and disrespectful comments will be deleted)!

Looking forward to the first post next week!  Have a blessed weekend!

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