Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time For A Catholic Revolution

This past election really convicted me of some things. I've been doing a lot of thinking, praying, and reflecting, particularly on Truth and Niceness.

Lets make one thing clear people, Jesus was NOT nice. He was LOVING! In today's culture people seem to think there is no difference. WRONG! Being loving does not being tolerant of everyone's relativistic behavior. Folks Truth exists and we need to preach it in love, but not nicely. Love means doing things and telling people things they need to hear for their good. Especially the good of their own soul. When I was teaching and a student was disrespectful to me I told them they were and I wasn't nice about it, it was loving because that is a life skill they need to learn, but it wasn't nice! Preaching the truth and fighting for it is going to cause lots of people to be pissed off at you. Well guess what I don't give a shit anymore. People want to be pissed go a ahead be pissed. It is time we as Catholics bannded together and started fighting for the truth no matter what the cost.

The problem in today's culture is not that there are more people out there against us than are for us. Not it is that those who are against us are much louder than we are. Well its time we got loud and told them how it was. Funny that the second propostion 8 passed in California thousands of people in the gay community were marching on the streets protesting. I hate to say it but that is one thing that we as Catholics can learn from the Gay community. Why do we not hit the streets in protest the second legistlation that is blatantly against the culture of life is passed? I would hope that if the Freedom of Choice Act is passed our butts are on the street marching in protest. Hell I'm willing to sit on the capital steps and get hauled off in hand cuffs if that passes!

We cannot be silent any longer. There is too much at stake. Going to the polls is not enough. We have to get involved in the community. We have to hold those we elect accountable. We have to be louder than those who are opposed to Truth.

I'm not just talking about the Abortion issue here but all facets of truth! The first one being: Jesus Christ is Lord! The Second set being fighting for EVERYTHING He holds dear.

It is time to go out and help the poor.

It is time to become active in the Pro-Life Movement by volunteering at Crisis pregnancy centers.

It is time get our knees and pray like never before.

It is time to educate people on what marriage really is.

It is time to educate people on the evils of contraception.

It is time to educate people on the evils of pornography.

It is time to educate people on the evils of sexual impurity.

It is time to acknowledge that Evil exists, there is such thing as sin, and there is such thing as right and wrong.

It is time to rally behind our priests and Bishops who are not afraid of the restrictions of the tax exempt status and preach the TRUTH no matter what the cost.

It is time to be Catholic OUT LOUD! The Cafeteria is CLOSED folks! Either embrace and love EVERYTHING the Church teaches or don't call yourself Catholic, cause you're not!

If every Catholic in this country made their voice heard, formed their conscience properly, lived what it truly meant to be Catholic, and LOVED we would control this entire country. Every politician would be answering to us and Truth would start to be reclaimed. If we don't fight back, if we do not bring the truth to a world who has lost it noone will.

If something in this post offended you, too bad maybe its time to check in with God and your conscience. I'm not judging you nor does this mean I don't love you, on the contrary it is because I love you that I write this. It simply means I'm speaking the truth and I'm not going to be nice about it. Jesus wasn't, why should I be!

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